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Contact Big Pun Forever


This website was established in 2001 by a Big Pun fan.  If you have any questions or comments related to Big Pun or this website, contact me by sending an email to  I try to check emails as often as possible.


While I am in contact with Big Pun's family, understand that I am in no way a business representative of theirs.  I can pass information along to them, but I'm in no position to provide you with detailed business or publicity related information.


If You Wish to Contact Big Pun's Family


If you just want to make a shout out to Pun or his family so that they can see it, please visit the guestbook page of this site and post your comments.


The only emails that will be forwarded to Big Pun's wife are business, media and press requests.  Provide as much information as possible about the reason why you need to contact the family, and send that email to  Again, only professional and media requests will be forwarded to Liza Rios. 




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